How to become a member

The SFU Aviation Club has two types of lifetime membership:

1. Full Membership ($15) – For any SFU student or SFU alumni. With full membership, you will get club discounts, benefits and voting privileges.

2. Associate Membership ($20) – For any other student, alumni or individual outside of SFU. With associate membership, you will get club discounts, benefits but no club voting privileges
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Membership Benefits

All members are entitled to membership pricing at all events and entitled to aviation discounts at our partnered aviation flying institutions. Pilot or not, it is always better to be a member! Here are some reasons why:

1. Flying – Subsidized flying and access to aviation material – Discounted flights at Pacific Flying Club (PFC), King George Aviation, and Pacific Rim – PFC Voting Membership ($200 Value)

2. Events – Discounted events, including Boeing Factory/Museum of Flight, YVR Control Tower, NavCanada Area Control Centre – Get exclusive behind the scene tours of the control tower and maintenance facilities at YVR Airport, NavCanada Area Control Centre and other places – Access to events held by the UBC Aviation Club

3. Networking – Stay socially active with the club’s fun and engaging social & networking events – Senior members can help point you in the right direction of your aviation career – Meet new friends and put your experiences down on your resume! The Club is always looking for volunteers to help with its fundraising projects

We are always adding more things to this list as we grow!

We are in the process of working out more benefits for you! Please let us know what benefits you would like to see next.