About Us

About the SFU Aviation Club

Started up in the Fall of 2012, The SFU Aviation Club is a group of people composed of pilots and non-pilots alike who have come together with the intent of promoting and exploring the wonders of aviation and the aviation industry. We strive to help aviation enthusiasts and professionals connect in an environment of community and camaraderie through engaging activities such as the YVR Control Tower tour, familiarization flights, fly outs, ground school, icebreakers, pub nights, etc.

Come, fly with us and enjoy the stunning views of the Lower Mainland – the distant Mt. Baker to the east, or the calm stillness of Pitt Lake, just north of Pitt Meadows airport. Take a short flight over to Victoria International and grab a bite at the Dakota Cafe, or to Chilliwack and discover the bliss of their famous pies! If, of course, you’re not interested in flight itself, you can join us and learn about airport operations, air traffic control, airplane design, theory of flight. But, if none of this catches your fancy, you can always come out with us to a social and talk to us at the Highland Pub or during one of our socials – we’d love to hear from you!

Our Purpose

The SFU Aviation Club has three main purposes listed below, specific to the mandate of the club:
1. To bring together a diverse group of students and other individuals who share a common interest in aviation related activities as well as other mutually accepted goals and interests.
2. To provide a safe, unique and engaging environment for aviation and social-networking purposes to all students within the Simon Fraser University community.
3. To provide as many opportunities and resources as possible to members of the club in regards to: leadership, personal growth, confidence and funds to represent the best interests of the club.